About R. J. Collins

R. J. Collins Incorporated was founded in September of 1998 by Richard J. Collins. The focus of the company is “Optimizing DC Billet Casting” by helping to reduce scrap rates and improve the overall casting performance and productivity of existing billet casting customers.

Rich Collins is world renowned for helping companies troubleshoot and solve problems in cast-houses globally. He invented and co invented seven innovative patents, has visited hundreds of casting plants worldwide, and has many years of experience in billet casting.

His past employment and work experience was:

  • Project engineer designing, building, installing and commissioning horizontal and vertical casting machines, billet cutoff saws, billet stacker and specialized machine tools for Acme Machine Works and Wagstaff Engineering Inc.
  • Sales manager at Wagstaff during which time he invented MaxiCast™ and co-invented AirSlip™ mold technologies.
  • Created and managed the Technical Service department at Wagstaff for over 12 years doing start ups, troubleshooting casting problems, writing manuals and overseeing and doing the training of technical service engineers and customers.
  • Research team leader at Wagstaff to innovate new billet technology such as automatic bleed out detection and new ways to build billet mold tooling as well as and many others.
  • Owner and operator of R. J. Collins Incorporated since 1998. Rich Collins continues to supply the industry with products and services that solve cast house problems.

Rich Collins greatly appreciates this opportunity to present products and services to you. If you have any questions or desire more information, send an email to info@accualuminum.com or call mobile 509-979-8017.